Thank you, Corbett Barr.

Sometime in the early 2010s, I started looking for answers.

I had twice dropped out of university, and landed myself in a recruitment job. Only a few weeks in I knew that recruitment wasn't going to be 'it' for me, but it was time for me to stick at something.

I'm glad I persevered. I became a different person (well, a more *developed* version of myself, is probably more accurate), as I honed my people skills and grew in confidence. I ended up becoming a top-performer in my modestly-sized firm, and one of the youngest ones at that.

In the couple of years preceding this, my self-help reading had somehow taken me to the world of entrepreneurship. I was inspired by big success stories we've all heard of, but it was the discovery of the world of blogs that rely did something for me.

Looking back, I realise it spoke to the writer within. The unconventional inside of me. The creative. The entrepreneur.

It was thanks to folks like Scott Dinsmore, Corbett Barr and Leo Babauta that I realised I could make a living from writing.

I came across a guide Corbett had put together, and it remains one of my favourite long-form pieces of writing to this day.

I started listening to the Fizzle podcast and reading the Fizzle blog, and before long I found myself becoming a member of the community.

In 2015, I flew to Portland for the most memorable conference I've been to, WDS, and as I queued up on registration day, none other than Corbett Barr stood in the queue behind me. As someone who doesn't tend to get starstruck, that was probably the closest I've been to it.

Through Corbett's words, his content, his Fizzle business and community, I was shown the way. I was provided with a space I could show up and learn in an environ,eat that felt aligned with who I was. I've met so many amazing people along the way. I've recommended Fizzle to more people than I can count; many an ear has been chewed off.

A little more than seven years ago, I left my corporate job in the world of recruitment to figure out who I was, and embrace a life of unconventionality. A life that was more me.

It's been the most rewarding seven years of my life thus far and, who knows, if I had not come across the likes of Corbett and a handful of entreblogeurs (yep, that's my word), who knows where I'd be right now.

A man who I've seen lift others up, play his own strengths down and maintain humility whether he's leading a Fizzle meet, is a guest on a podcast, replying to an email, or you meet him on the street, like I was fortunate to back in Portland, Oregon that time.

Corbett recently shared that, after 10 wonderful years, Fizzle is being acquired and he is moving onto other things.

And so I wanted to say: Thank you, Corbett.

The Fizzle chapter may be over, but I know there's a whole special new one lying in wait for you – and for us all.