The art of simple focus

1pm in a gently-bustling bookshop cafe.

It's sunny and about 14 degrees out, after a chilly start to the morning (minus 4 at daybreak).

I enjoyed a lie in, before a workout and spa session, and now here I am with decaf flat white latte and putting fingers to keys.

Focused activity is the plan this afternoon.

After exploring the idea of travel the last few days, it's looking like I'm being asked to stay put in the UK for the next couple of months. It seems the weather in Europe is unpredictable of late, with wet a particularly wet March in Portugal and particularly strong winds in the reliably balmy Crete.

I explored the idea of putting my own little co-living space together, and I'll keep that option open for June-time instead. I'll need to tell tweak the landing page accordingly. Truth be told, I'd like to release my paperback book and get the foundations in place for my new site and business, and it makes sense to hunker down and do that here in England. I think it makes the most sense. Travel plans, at least for now, on pause.

I've also been leaning into focus this week, and in particular focused and productive mornings. Whilst I will never be someone who structures every hour of my day (I shudder at the thought), I also feel that structure and focus allow for freedom. For example, a focused 4-6 hours of work on any given day, allows one to rest and relax and be wonderfully free, resting in the knowledge of a good day's work. I'd like to build my focus muscle with a morning 3 hours of focused work, 1 hour spent on a meaningful activity; for this month, that is blog posts, working through the early stages of the Fizzle roadmap, and building out a new site for The Indie Writer.

I've mentioned that focused work gives me freedom for later on, but I also believe it gives freedom in the present moment, too. To be focused is to be present. And so perhaps a live well lived is living a life of focus and simplicity.

With the first quarter of 2022 behind us, I'll be endeavouring for more of both of those things over the coming ninety days.

I think Iā€™m going to become good friends with the pomodoro timer this month. šŸ…