The hunt for a simple CRM

The hunt for a simple, intuitive CRM system has been an ongoing one.

One that is friendly for a solopreneur, and without all the bells-n-whistles that a young business doesn't need.

The closest thing I had come across previously was Zoho's CRM (they have a broad range of products, and I quite like the ethos of their business), but even that was too complicated for my use case. And, admittedly, as they've grown there's only been more marketing emails and encouragement to sign up for different plans, other products, etcetera.

I then came across a simple CRM through Indiehackers, and that was interesting but not quite right either – even after extending the free trial.

Through one of the freelancer communities I am a part of, I came across MonicaHQ this week. It describes itself as a 'Personal CRM' and I'm already liking it a lot.

Very intuitive, with the ability to log calls, meetings, emails, notes, personal information (from birthdays and special occasions, reminders, and the ability to upload files.

It's early days, but I think I've found the best solution for me after a long time hunting.