Looking at the other side


I'm working on sharpening my daily schedule.

This morning I hit the gym at 06:39h. (it opens 06:30h.), then sat down in front of the computer to work at 08:24h., went out for a walk at 12:43h., end my working day at 5:44h

All that is okay.

But okay is not enough any more.

Better. Gym at 06:30h., sharp; start working at 08:00h., sharp; going for a lunch walk at 12:30h., sharp ... you get the idea.

This seemly trivial change is important. Not being sharp with time creates a creeping and undesirable mental effect. It opens a possibility for slacking or even skipping.

No. No, no, no. It does not matter how shit I feel in the morning, I'm in the gym, 6:30h, sharp.

Feelings are neither avoided nor suppressed, no. I might feel sad while working out. Feelings are free to come and go as they please. But life keeps moving at its own pace, and I'm not falling behind and drown in some disgusting self-pity.

I trust that, by sharpening my schedule, other aspects of my life will get back on track as a consequence.

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That's a mystery.


It started when I decided to uninstall the YouTube app from my phone.

I found that keeping my mind busy with a continuous inflow of information was a way to avoid things I must face. I can't keep pushing them away.

I still need to decide if keeping this daily posts is something I should pause or not.


Today, I was walking in a nice neighborhood in Roermond when I came across this blooming cherry tree.

I recalled a friend who said looking at pink makes you feel better. So, I stayed there for a few minutes.


I found this beautiful poem in one of those human-curated feeds on the Interweb.

Although it is wondrous in toto, the one line that resonates the most with me is:

So, friends, every day do something that won’t compute.

When did we forget doing things for the sake of it?

#Daily #Poetry

I shall reduce video and audio consumption to slow down.

The books I want to finish keep piling up.

First step: changing YouTube usage.


With some conscious and sustained effort on my side, my sleeping pattern should go back to normal from now on.

Good sleep, paired with more physical activity and stricter meditation routine, would help to sharpen my mind. A sharp mind is necessary to execute some strategic professional moves this year.

I'm back to blogging every day, so, I'm going to stop using the #daily tag since it is now redundant.

The End.

Today was one of those shitty days.

A casual conversation at work triggered a myriad of negative thoughts and feelings that lasted for the rest of the day.

I have been dealing with these patterns long enough to know it has nothing to do with the topic of such conversation, instead, it is a bunch of core inner conflicts that remains unresolved.

But, before attempting to deal with those, I have to fix my sleeping patterns.


We all have experienced those enlightening moments with profound and long-lasting implications.

What trigger such events is, most of the time, a mystery that remains unsolved forever. But, there is definitely a before and after.

There are three identifiable categories for these inflection points: quitting (e.g. smoking), starting (e.g. writing) or both (e.g. quitting your job to become an entrepreneur).

Past that point, we enter a parallel universe where there is no way back, only a path forward. You have decided to pursue something, and now you have to pay the price.

And if what you decided to pursue is mastery, the price will be very high. You must practice, consistently, for the rest of your life.

But there is always a first step on that journey. Many years later, you look back at day one with a smile, and keep moving forward.

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This song plays on a Monday morning somewhere in the south of the Netherlands.

He sings while drinking coffee.