Looking at the other side


To avoid using YouTube to fill the scattered waiting times with “something”, I have removed the app from my phone.

I know it is going to be surprisingly hard to stick to it. I need to work on a sustainable system to consume content in a more paced way.


All of them. No buzz, no ring, no ding-dong. Nothing. Mobile phone and computer alike.

I don't follow a computer's commands, it follows mine. My smartphone is not a digital rosary.

But, from time to time, I still fail and slowly become a digital slave, an infomaniac.

Thus, a breakaway from all of it is needed. Everything gets shut down and go somewhere else to wander for a while, freely.

Purposefully wandering, or how the Dutch call it, Niksen, it is time well invested.

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Amazon.nl Android App

The image is the Amazon App. It kept showing that error each time I wanted to complete my order earlier today.


Well, not my phone, but the banking app running on it.

(Please note the quotation marks on the word “smarter”.)