Well it’s Day 2 of this whole deal. Nothing spectacular today. Moved an outlet for a dryer which was interesting. Had to relocate because the builder put a stove outlet in and put it directly above the dryer vent pipe so the power cord for the dryer was losing connection; which caused the dryer not to heat up. Had to cut a new hole in the wall and install a new outlet. Not too difficult.

Then I spent the rest of the day installing a new garbage disposal since the previous one was leaking. Never done much plumbing work but this was a good learning experience. Overall everything works so not too bad of a day.

Looking forward to more work tomorrow clearing up the fallen tree from the storms a couple weeks ago. Need to get more coding done on my portfolio redo but that isn’t a priority at the moment. House is. Love my family but have to do better career wise so web development is the goal.