#Portfolio Redo#

Today I took the first step towards my portfolio redo. I decided to build it in React for two reasons.

  1. If it was going to be static then why not use React to break things down into components.

  2. I need to learn to use React outside of tutorial purgatory.

So I started it up and got to work. So far I have the basic layout just about finished and styling is going good. I have been getting snagged a few times and instead of rushing to videos to help, I have went to the documentation and regular queries through StackOverflow. So far it’s going good, have a few hiccups that I have to figure out but overall I’m pleased with the progress that I have made. Responsive design is going to be a big learning process for me with React but I know that if I take my time and get into the documentation I think I’ll be ok and can make it happen.

Day 1 of #100DaysToOffload