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Web-Dev : Planning is a Necessity

A lot of things has happened since I started learning to become a web-developer, I have been excited, disappointed, distracted, frustrated, honestly it has been a roller coaster of emotions but one thing is that I'm not giving up until I achieve my goal. In all of this happenings I realized that I didn't have a plan for a while also, I was stuck in a learning loop; in other words, I was trying to do more of studying than actually practicing and I ended up going over the same thing over and over again cause it felt like I'll get to a point forget all that I have learnt go back to relearn forget what I also learnt recently believe me it was a mess! I was struggling to get past certain stages in my course which in turn caused me to become so frustrated I wanted to hit my head on a wall ( don't try to imagine that). Anyways, I spoke to a friend of mine who told me to focus more on practicing and that advice was very much needed. At the same time, I realized that I was working without a proper plan and we all know the saying that goes if you fail to plan you plan to fail.

What did I do? I drew up a plan. How? walk with me a second I've got jokes. On a serious note, I opened a google sheet to track my progress, opened several sheets, onw to write down what exactly I want to focus on learning in other words, the learning path I wanted to take. As a newbie, you can be overwhelmed by the amounts of things you need to learn, the language, the tools | Framework etc. So knowing from the very beginning the path the tools you'll be learning can be very helpful to have a structure you'll definitely learn other things along the way but from the beginning do not be carried away by too many things you'll end up being confused and overwhelmingly frustrated. Are there other words? you know what I mean. Also, having a time-line is really good it'll give you sort of a drive and make sure you look at your plans everyday so you don't slack. It's something I'm also practicing at the moment there's just something it does to your mind “Very Important!”. At the end of the day having a plan will help you believe me. Remember we're in this together, don't loose focus!

Distractions Distractions Distractions! boy, do they come up often!

I like to be as honest as possible when sharing my experiences regarding life and learning. I believe nobody is perfect, I also know that there are a lot of people that share similar experiences and can also relate to this particular issue that I'm about to talk about.

The issue of distraction popped up in my thoughts recently and has been a major concern. I realized certain things occur unexpectedly that distract us from our learning schedule. I'll give examples since I'm self -learning at the moment, I have a schedule which is wake up, do a little exercise (Which is walking, that's all the exercise I do ), have a bath, write, read, etc.

Sometimes, it's never the same. I may get a call from my sister to help deliver products or realize we're missing certain things in the house that I need to pick up or get a call from a friend who wants to stop by for a chat whew! the list goes on. I realized that I was spending a lot of time doing things that would eat up my study time.

To help solve this problem, I decided to seek the advice of certain wise ones, in other words, look up what others thought about the situation and how they managed it to help me understand how to deal with distractions to study effectively.

In conclusion, I realized that there will always be distractions big or little. Keeping distractions to a minimum is one way to go, If you have put your phone on “do not disturb” do so if necessary. Find the right environment to study, and most importantly, create a routine to stay organized.

We're in this together *winks*

I have been asked questions like how can I become a web developer, where do I begin? Truly I myself I'm a beginner, but I can still give you a few tips to the best of my knowledge with a little research as regards how to become a web-developer.

Web development is an interesting course. When looking at a website, I'm sure what comes to mind is how in the heavens name did all this come together. Believe me, it's not as complicated as it looks. Although I won't sugarcoat it, it takes a lot of commitment and effort. Especially since they're so many levels to it. It requires that you keep on learning. So if you're game, come with me let me give you a walk-through.

Firstly what is web-development? to begin a career in web development, you need to understand what it's about:

Web-Development is the process of building websites and applications on the internet. It's all about coding and programming that powers the functionality of a website. Web development skills are definitely in high demand, and it's broken down into two parts which are; Front-End and Back-End

Don't get confused, I'll be explaining what front-end and back-end mean, and also what it means to combine both.

Let us begin with Front-End:

A Front-End developer specializes in the layout, design, and interactivity of a website using HTML (hypertext markup language), CSS(Cascading Style sheet), and Javascript. It's all about The visual aspect of the web, in other words, what you can see is brought together by a Front-End developer.

Back-End :

where the data is stored is referred to as Back-End, there would be no front-end without a back-end. The back-end of the website consists of the server that hosts the website, and also an application for running it, and a database to contain the data.


Combining both the front end and back end as a developer is call full-stack: a full-stack developer takes care of both the back end and the front end of a website.

To become a web developer, you must decide what your interest is: do you want to become a front-end developer, a back-end developer, or both. Once you decide, you can check out reliable websites for learning. A few examples are,, These are sites that have been helpful since I started coding, I know they'll be of great help to you too. So please check it out and do not hesitate, and also remember coding is fun!

I would also like to add that there are so many contents on the internet that can be helpful, don't forget to explore *winks*

I wrote about my journey to becoming a web-developer some weeks ago, I talked about solutions that I think can be helpful especially as a beginner in the Tech industry. I also joined the 100 days of code challenge and truly and I have been following through although I feel like I could be doing more but let me just say that I'm still trying to create the right balance. I won't beat myself too much about it because I believe it's a step by step process and it'll fall in place as long as I keep thinking of ways to be better and act on my thoughts.

Sometime this week the funniest thing happened to me it wasn't so funny then but when I think about it now I laugh, I was studying and I got to the part where I had to take a quick exercise, just to be clear the course I'm taking online gives exercise/ assessment after different topics so you can test your knowledge. I got to a particular exercise, I attempted it, when I submitted I got it wrong, I read through the solution and the question once again, realized an error, I fixed it, with a conviction that the answer was correct I submitted once again, the same result “your solution is incorrect” at that moment I cannot completely explain it but I broke down I mean actual tears streaming down from my face “imagine taking candy from a child that kind of tears” I started talking to myself saying how can you not know this, this is easy, you've not even gone far and you can't get this simple exercise I was cursing myself out, saying to myself maybe I shouldn't be doing this, maybe I do not have the capacity to retain things, I thought about so many negative things, I was destabilized that word best describes my feeling at that moment.

After a while, I realized what I was doing and I was like yo Jess you can't be saying these things to yourself, I try to develop the habit of speaking good things into my life as a step to personal growth “which can be difficult sometimes” so I started speaking to my self with words of affirmation saying things like “you're not dumb” “you can do this” “you can't quit” etc basically just speaking sweet words to myself, I attempted the exercise again same result but this time I didn't stop with the encouraging words. I stopped for a moment, took a deep breathe read the question went through the solution I was certain there couldn't be any other answer. I submitted and the result was correct ladies and gentlemen, it turned out to be a connection problem after all. During the time the network was bad (and I didn't realize) it kept showing me the result of the first solution that had an error. The point of what I'm saying is sometimes the littlest problems/things make us want to give up, but do not let it discourage you. You'll make mistakes, you'll feel like you're not doing good enough but don't let that stop you don't speak negative words to yourself speak positive words. Imbibe the habit of complimenting/encouraging yourself trust me it really helps.

If you read through the first paragraph I mentioned “Thinking of ways to be better and Acting on my thoughts”. I know we've heard of the saying “Action speaks louder than words ” in this case, actions speak louder than words or thoughts because it is not enough to think of something or say it, doing it is what matters the most. If you have a thought that you know can help you be productive, write it down, don't let it slip away without bringing it to reality. Honestly, it took me about two weeks to write, I would always think of a topic write a few words, pause, delete, think of something new, post-pone and the circle continues. It took a little more effort to encourage myself to write this if not I would've kept it on hold for heaven knows how long.

Speak to yourself, encourage yourself, push your-self it's not easy but it's a step in the right direction. It takes a lot of commitment, hard work, and dedication but like I always say, it'll be worth it at the end of the day.

I'm sure the first thing that comes to your mind is, what is 100 days of code?

If you're starting a career in Tech or working on a project (Tech-Related) and this is the first time hearing about 100 days of code, get excited because you'll thank me later.

100 days of code was created solely to change people's lives in other to get desired results. It's all about making a commitment and sticking to it. You'll agree with me that sometimes committing is really difficult. It may be decisions as easy as doing a walking exercise for 30 minutes every day to stay healthy or reading a book.

This challenge was created by Alexander Kallaway to help people stay committed to building their skills in the Tech-Industry and to encourage people to learn new coding skills.

The two main Rules are: Code a minimum of an hour every day for the next 100 days and Tweet your progress every day using the #100DaysOfCode hashtag. Easy right?

Why should you participate :

If you're starting new into tech or working on a project, you need a level of commitment to help you become successful at what you do(as with everything in life), especially if you're the type that likes to procrastinate or put things on hold to come back to it later and eventually lose time doing so; even if you are not the procrastinating type. I personally think that this challenge pressures you in a very much needed way.

I have been a procrastinator, and still, but rarely these days *don't judge me, work in progress lol* I even started the 1,2,3,4,5 rule to help me stop procrastinating, so I understand how procrastination can make you lose important opportunities or slow down growth and the ability to reach a certain goal. When I started my journey as a web-developer, #100daysofcode has been like an alarm clock in my head. I don't necessarily have to write code for the whole day. It reminds me that I have to study or practice and update my progress before the end of the day. It keeps me grounded and has also helped me progress further than where I was when I started as regards learning new things as a developer, compared to when I was trying to learn on my own without the challenge.

What is the Benefit:

The benefit of participating is; coding will become a part of your daily routine like a habit. When you're coding daily, you'll learn faster. It will also help you build a portfolio that will show your progress “you never know who's watching”, It's also a way of networking and meeting people who want to be a part of your progress by giving you inputs/tips or cheering you on which will help boost your confidence.

For more information about #100daysofcode Visit to start your journey and to learn more about this challenge. Trust and Believe that it will be worth your time. I wish you all the best ahead.

In my very many years as a 26 years old woman, I can count how many books I have read as an adult. Growing up, it was always books books books. My dad never failed to buy us books (God rest his gentle soul). He would buy us all sorts of books from fantasy to nature, gemstones, types of birds in the world, and even various historical happenings. As a child, reading was a part of my everyday activity, but after my primary education, I read books when I would save up my lunch money to buy romance novels in secondary school. When I was in the higher institution, I didn't do much reading either. Even the romance fictions I once loved were no longer a part of my journey. I would only read school work, which indeed I wasn't reading for its pleasure but because it was a necessity.

The reason why I say reading is essential is that it exposes you to a whole lot of things. When having conversations with people, I'm able to give answers to certain questions that comes up because I read it up somewhere.

Reading is very much essential I recommend everyone to do it. It doesn't have to be all the time but once in a while, pick up a book on what concerns your life as a developer, a manager, or a teacher it can even be something random. There are so many things that you can read about that will help put your life in perspective. One book that I read and will always go back to read is The Way of The Shepherd by Dr. Kevin Leman and Bill Pentak. The book is all about managing productive people, but I think it can be applied in our daily lives as well. Another book I'm reading is related to my field in tech, The Coding Career Handbook by Shawn Swyx Wang.

I'm also taking baby steps to cultivate reading culture, and I think you should do the same too.