INDIAN JAZZ MUSICIANS Jishnu Dasgupta has maintained a reputation as one of the most versatile Indian jazz guitarists on the contemporary musical landscape of jazz music in Bangalore, India. Armed with a combination of lyricism and energy, he combines elements of bebop jazz, blues and modern fusion guitar to create a sound that is singular and at the same time accessible to a broad audience.

Initially starting out as a classic rock/blues guitarist in his early teens, Jishnu spent his high school years studying the recordings of Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, Alvin Lee and other Classic Rock guitar greats – – before moving to Bangalore, India in his late teens, where he began a musical exploration of bebop jazz and fusion that he continues to this day.

Jishnu synthesises a jazz guitar style that echoes this diverse collection of influences, with a focus on guitar technique and execution, at the same time maintaining a lyricism and forward motion in his improvisations that hint at phrases and motifs that are sometimes more Grateful Dead than John Coltrane.

He currently resides in Bangalore, where he teaches Jazz Guitar and leads his own groups as well as freelance guitar work.