Jishnu Dasgupta is a Contemporary Jazz/Fusion Guitarist from Bangalore, India

JAZZ MUSICIAN IN BANGALORE Jishnu Dasgupta is one of the most proficient and engaging Jazz Guitarists in Bangalore today. His jazz guitar solos are characteristically not some sort of cerebral exercise, but rather an exciting blend of bebop jazz vocabulary and more modern atonal explorations.

A diligent student of jazz, Jishnu has been known to be intensely practice-focused, never allowing himself to sit in one musical chair for too long — his evolving jazz guitar style is a sign of his continuing effort to constantly change up his game and explore new melodic ideas and concepts whilst, at the same time, being grounded in the jazz tradition.

Part of a younger breed of jazz musicians in India, Jishnu's jazz guitar tone eschews traditional approaches and is instead influenced by a raw, rough edged blues/rock grittiness, an aggressive counterpoint to the repertoire of classic jazz standards that he chooses to play in live jazz concerts in Bangalore. This contrasting quality of his jazz improvisation makes Jishnu Dasgupta's music extremely accessible despite its complexity – – a great starting point for younger jazz fans who grew up listening to rock music and are transitioning into the world of jazz standard repertoire.



Jishnu Dasgupta is a Bangalore-based jazz guitar player, best known for his work as a jazz improvisor and teacher of jazz music theory.

As a self-taught player, he has honed a distinctive style rooted in the tradition of his early influences such as Charlie Parker and Joe Pass, at the same time keeping an ear open to the continuing evolution of the jazz language and contemporary players like Joe Diorio. Jishnu is well-known for his commitment to the instrument, as an improviser and accompanist, and his comprehensive approach to jazz guitar vocabulary, bowing to the tradition, while acknowledging a modern familiarity as well.

Jishnu focuses on developing his own jazz guitar style as a unique voice that strengthens and expands the jazz idiom with sensitivity, clarity, and uncompromising integrity. He has played within the many different jazz guitar styles such as bebop jazz, jazz rock fusion guitar and smooth jazz guitar, and is well-known for his use of an 8 string guitar for jazz and in-depth exploration of advanced jazz chord harmony and jazz music theory in jazz standards.