To the rainy cloud in the midst of summer,

Happy 1st monthversarry, Melodi! Recalling the first time I impulsively confessed to you, You may think I am brave but I have so much worries. But above all the worries that I buried deep down, I'm still thankful for the courage that I get to make you mine. Still, I know that I am far from perfect to be called as the good girlfriend but my feelings for you stands the same since day one;

I'd like to keep you for a really long time.

Anyway, it's just the first month of us being together! I hope you can bear with my annoying ass and wishing we could stick together, to see another 10th of the month together again. I love you so much, Melodi! Autumn is very lucky to keep you in her pocket. <3

PSA. If there's something that keeps on bugging you, don't hesitate to tell me, alright? Once again, I love you.