A nice day

I had a friend. His mum passed away, and, going through her old photos, so many of them were captioned simply, “A nice day,” on the back. So he created a blog that showcased a different one each day, partly for his extended family, and the conversations that would come out of identifying any subjects, and partly as a tribute to the gratitude that was so much a part of her philosophy. And, I guess, partly to help conjure some of the latter in his own life.

He's still alive and well (last I heard), but he isn't my friend now. We didn't even talk about it. I assumed that my actions over here were relayed to him in some form, and he — completely justifiably — decided I wasn't someone he cared to have in his life. He stopped responding to my emails anyway. It's still pretty raw for me, eight years later. A fifteen-year friendship, doing the maths.

I was thinking the subject line fits today as well. (That's what got me thinking about all that again.) I got this well-loved, circus-style pup tent on Freegle last year, and — pretty ingeniously, I thought — I decided to deploy it in the new paddling pool today to keep the sun off the kids while they splashed. It was a big hit all 'round.

I spent a bit of time learning git as well. Renamed my GitHub account, proved it with Keybase, uploaded an SSH key, and then cloned the examples from that Terraform course I took a while back. I don't know whether cloning that makes sense now, to be honest, but I wanted to give credit for the bulk of this code I'm using to stand up my lab environment. Anyway, for now I've committed my code as an enhancement to Ned's, with an associated project covering where I want to take it. I'm jlj77 there, if you're curious.

End of Day 21

— jlj #100DaysToOffload

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