Bunker day

Sundays are hard. I have enough data now to say it's a pattern. And I'm now taking it seriously. I've just ducked out of the family zoom. I'm not going fedi, or on birdsite. (My BBC apps went with bookface.) I'm adding virtual lockdown to my continued physical one.

I am OK, so far; better than, maybe, as I handled my three-year-old's nap-time tantrum with aplomb. I think overconfidence has been part of the problem; assuming good days mean that will just continue. But, no, vigilance is required.

Saw on Reddit that someone was asking about FOSS keyboards for Android. I'd seen that Microsoft bought SwiftKey, which had started the idea of a change buzzing about in the back of my mind; the suggestion of OpenBoard was the tipping point.

I'm happy with it so far. Nice and simple. I do miss gesture typing: I started using Swype nine years ago, I guess. (And gestures on my Palm V long before that!) But the developer has said that it's part of his plan, once he has the time. I have to say, though, I've disabled enough of Android and/or the defaults that I'm reaching another tipping point: time for a change of operating system? I hadn't even heard of Pinephone before jumping on Fosstodon, so that's probably in the mix too.

I think I'm fine for the moment, but the seed has certainly been planted well.

End of Day 22

— jlj #100DaysToOffload

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