Full on

Boy, I'm beat. I finished Phase 1 of the (practice) Splunk Architect lab tasks today, and got well stuck in with editing config files as part of Phase 2. Happily, I learned — just moments ago — that the AWS free tier includes 750 hours of t2.micro instances per month, so I'm leaving all my hard work up and running overnight; then it'll be ready for me to pick it up right away tomorrow morning. (Even with eight concurrent instances, I'll be good for a few days.)

Late last night, I decided that I'd park the Python code I was working on to parse Met Office JSON. I will come back to it — when I finally decide on a course — but, for now, a script calling jq will work fine. (I only want a few elements from the current, and following, day to display in Conky.) I was pretty chuffed with my progress last night, although it meant I was late getting to bed.

It was tough seeing my partner leave this morning, double pram full of the most precious cargo in my world. My boy is back now, though — I can hear him squealing downstairs — and seems very happy.

This is a bit of a non-sequitur: I was reading the latest Brain Food (No. 371) from Farnam Street and an excerpt from a Bloomberg article on Musk caught my eye. It was so simple: he acknowledges that he shoots from the hip on birdsite; that's why he likes it. No press releases or faff — just his mind, to the public. Which, he also acknowledges, means that lots of his tweets are “dumb.” And, that if that's the price of doing business in this way, he's happy to pay it.

I don't think that having that policy, as such an influential person, occurred to me. My sleepy brain can't fathom the pitfalls of such a policy at the moment, but I can certainly see its benefits. My tendency is to think that good communication is based on expectation management: knowing what your intended audience expects, and them knowing what to expect from you. Putting a message like this out — an implicit caveat to every tweet — certainly sets clear expectations.

End of Day 23

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