Ho-hum and Ctrl-C Club

Today was better than yesterday. Not really prepared to go further than that. Family wanted to know why I left our WhatsApp group (understandably), so that meant rehashing a lot of the awfulness of yesterday; sort of scuppered the day from there.

Still, it ended on a brighter note: I've been having loads of fun just trawling through Keybase, looking at the teams people feature, and their homes on the Web. And I found tildeverse today, liked Ctrl-C Club's blurb, and I'm in!

I'm really looking forward to learning more about Linux, but as a consequence of working on other things. For example, setting up my account on ctrl-c.club involved creating and copying over a new SSH key. I'd done all of that stuff more than 20 years ago on a friend's server, but I had to look up ssh-copy-id. Which is great, 'cause I'm sure I'll be using SSH all over the place in the deployments I do for work soon, and to just be able to get on with that aspect is perfect; I'll have enough trouble keeping all the Splunk config files straight!

So, yeah, I'm feeling a bit more positive now, as I get ready for bed. It was nice to get the verification of my club address working in my profile here as well, just before firing up this entry. I'd been trying to do the same in Keybase, not realising that they expect you to be running the referenced server. (At least I'm assuming that's what wrong with my tilde reference; makes sense, once I actually thought about it for a moment.)

End of Day 16

— jlj #100DaysToOffload

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