(This is a now page; if you have a space, make one and tell me about it.)

This is like finger, in days gone by.

You could email someone, but if you were simply curious about what they were working on, you could just type finger jim@theInstituteOfRad and immediately get a response that included what he was currently working on, and his future plans.

In theory.

It required that Jim actually updated his .plan file (and .project file, where supported) on a regular basis, which you would probably be able to estimate the likelihood of, were Jim a friend of yours.

In the spirit of such diligence, I'll now direct you to my corner of the ^C Club, for my modern, more secure version of what we'll call my Now page.

It's up-to-date! I swear!

I was inspired by Rebecca Toh, who was herself inspired by Derek Sivers.