Partially working indexer cluster, and pub quiz win!

Apologies if this entry is all over the shop. I wanted to write it straight after work, but ran out of time, what with trying to participate in the kids' bedtime routines while still making it to my company's virtual pub quiz.

We won! The first time we had a full team, but still: we've posted dead last on more than one occasion. Very exciting. I may have indulged in the sour mash whiskey during said victory, and in the post celebrations.

I was already really chuffed because, first, I got a test run of my Terraform code working, such that an indexer was successfully made a slave of the license master, all in AWS; and then I deployed the full lab, and got all three indexers slaved to the LM, and reporting to the master node. (In automatic detention, mind, but still, I have high hopes for getting back to that point by mid morning tomorrow. I'm destroying all my kit each night, trying to minimise costs.)

In short, I felt like a proper professional today. A good feeling, to be sure. Oh, and I answered a question in the Terraform lobby on Gitter/Matrix for the first time today. And, I was approved for Tildes. And my boy was a champ for his latest jabs. And this is definitely a run-on paragraph, which is also definitely a thing.

End of Day 19

— jlj #100DaysToOffload

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