Biofloc Online Training Centre

Welcome to Yadav Biofloc Website. I have been working on Biofloc Technology for a while now. I have a YouTube Channel where I have published many videos related to Biofloc.

There are lots of requests came to me to start a Biofloc Online Training Center, that’s the reason I am now providing BIOFloc Online Training in India with a 100% practical approach. Mostly I find good to conduct on-farm BIOFloc Fish Farming Training but looking at the demand during this lockdown period, I am now starting BIOFloc Online Training in India at an affordable cost.

There are many people who want to learn BIOFloc Fish Farming but there be maybe some challenges due to which they are unable to participate in the BIOFloc Training that is conducted across the world. That’s the reason I am now conducting BIOFloc Online Training in India to address those people.

During our BIOFloc Online Training, I will demonstrate each and everything that is required to set up a BIOFloc Farm, and the duration of the training will be 8hr to 10hrs.

After completing the BIOFloc Online Training, if you are not satisfied or want to know more, you are most welcome. We will provide you On-Farm BIOFloc Training with no added cost.

We just want to ensure all the students must get more than what they have invested in my BIOFloc Online Training Program.

Below are the topics, which will be discussed during the BIOFloc Training in Hindi, Odia & English Languages;

Session 1 Introduction Training Rules & Regulation Traditional Fish Farming Vs New Technical Farming What is Biofloc How Biofloc System Works Biofloc Pros and Cons