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Where are these people to see? Neither am I looking for them Nor they for me.

I like to look, I like to see That is not to say that I like to look all day.

Where are you, where is me? Where are the people I like to see? Where are the people that like to look for she?

They like to greet, they like to meet They will not say hello this way If I keep having my say.

That is why I wrote today. Neither do I dislike writing for them Nor do they have to pay.

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He yearns for the sea. Let him breathe with Sand on his feet

Wind greeting him An intimate kiss.

Take him home, Take him to the sea. If he cannot find home -

He will look to the stars Find himself again.

Send his thin letters, Leftover photos, Fly them over the heart of the sea.

Traces of some promise Scattered in the distance.

He yearns for the sea. Let him live The memory in his dreams.

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I leaned back To watch The sun's glow

Rolling over the valley; Radiance upon the land As we drove down the route in

Smiles, Laughter.

The corner of our Eyes blinked light; The stalk fields flooded

From shimmering tassels To blessed, sunken roots and Bountiful ears peaked in gold.

Sunlight-appraised crops Grew rich, bathed in Heaven's shores As our ship coasted through

Treasures in the Minutes of bliss, and sure enough We began to roll, too.


Overdrawn, The road along The buried city stretched.

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Why do you stay? I burned you again. What can I do What should I say?

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She leaves, walking away Your voice caught, protest ceased Powerless to stop Marching feet from stepping Away from what you started.

Becoming louder than Heat bellowed under breath; Sighing underneath Layers of overwhelm Speak now or hold ‘till death.

She’s moving on, away Wracked by selfish riots More self-reliance Unhurt by damage done Upset, wrecked by silence.

Captivation calls you, You’re guessing her next moves; Her enthralled captive, Clicking heels on conflict And you’ve betted too soon

You stand, watching her steps Swaying past violence Captured by motions Arrested under the Dance of her defiance.

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In those darker years Midnight stories guided under winged shadows From rituals of the crevice in the under sky. To daylight above obstructed by Dense plumage headed for greener meadows.

When curious eyes land on Poe, Philosophy, and Algorithmic Theory A Raven synchronizes flight and flips over to a path of repetitions: One, to stir a cast of thoughts overhead in sparse, gray clouds Two, not having formed the right words from the pall at all.

Three, lounging on a verdant canopy Black-jeaned limbs tucked in Docs flies through Concepts, figures, and patterns until the mind starts doing aerobatics; Mind on matters at hand, thumbing through weathered pages Weaving through a course in number and lightning by calculations.

Thoughts free like the wind above trees and houses below the hills; Pleasant breezes would brush past tufts of hair Drifting along the edge of vibrant flush of blooms across the village until Series of then secret-coded language ended in loops and endloops.

Sequence of thrills performed into horizons When letting go felt natural, fewer commands or instructions When everything felt closer and far from home, it was different from Trips by planes and tickets to new destinations.

Never mind the ongoing navigation Those were old rituals of habit, and now shadows fly By the old tree shade above, tore an opening below the surface; Things that had not left those greener meadows in a long time.

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North Sea in view And suddenly February turned into The month of blue.

An inner song lost below In bottomless waters Unable to be heard in the distance Where coastal tides break Against grounded shorelines Once footsteps on sandbars Blue, drifting in minor notes as quiet As murmurs to depreciating Sounds without a voice.

Melancholy does not go unnoticed By sameness of the night Searching for value Located in depths of strangeness; Inadvertently, the heart of A distant moon Sought solace In forgotten sea melodies.

Sound waves ebb and flow Under pallor embrace; Quiet crescent resting upon Earthly Neptunian face Tides of resonant sounds in Sonorous songs of phase.

Seashells and ivory cliffs in delicate Grains of alabaster imparted years Of solitary refinement and the spaces in between And miles of traces on soft sand Swept by the current.

The lone walker visits the shore into evening Longing to hear the song again, once more.

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Topsoil unearthed; Earth-churned mix with Soot: died-out ember Remains, make way for yearning Daydreams grown from the Garden. Raining hopeful seeds and daisies. Heavy labor wrought by hefty Arms and gentle palms delivering Old and new hurts Never turned out before Lifted and brought out like this. Mild sun grateful of mild-tempered Lifter, raindrops aplenty on stormy days: Bouts of tears comes a rainbow. Spring produces the fruits of labor Flourishing to skies in soaring Sparrows Blue jays and Bumblebees and Owls High clouds and nightly Reverie Stoked by the fire. Smoke wafts in hair and clothes Remnants of star dust for Send-off to a good night’s rest A gift for a day’s work.

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It starts with a shout. Vileness, spewing putrid hate. A byproduct of tension from Parts of the city. Mrs. Chinatown’s attracted A new crowd. Baring teeth, not bouquets And there is a window of opportunity.

Her head meets concrete Here, Chinatown At the center of attraction Taking punches to her core From barren mini-corner shops Since May of last year To the pain of blood spilling in the streets Pummeled by rage She gets spat on And they maul, and there is a Call for help -

Help pretends not to hear Watches the scene unfold They, too, take pleasure Identifying with the Violent release There is no injustice here In the eye of this city. To them, it is about Making amends.

Once finished, they leave her But they are not done with her They will do it again the next day.

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You say my World is a Realm of Ice. My heart immovable as stone. That I know nothing. Understand nothing. Ask nothing.

My World is a Hell of Fire. I was born from nothingness and will return to ash.

You say my World is a Realm of Ice As if you know the answer. Understand the answer. Have the answer.

You shy away from the Heat of Flames And desire to enclose my World in Ice Immovable and deprived of Light.

#poem #poetry #smallpoems #freeverse

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