Just Haiku

Stuffy into brain Sneeze, wipe, drip, cough, and repeat It's time to sleep now

On the stage as if Real people, honey I believe They think they're people

Stitched leather is real But sometimes just want data Get lost in numbers

What's fun after all But a feeling in your brain Embrace the spreadsheet

Wind thrust fall under Harbor your ill wills blowing Good thoughts prance away

In fair Verona Letters arrive day by day Who is to respond

Eddies in and out Toes sink under the sand bar Droplets on your legs

It is always cold In this barren land far from The crests and the foam

Unstoppable two Days until the big event Just do your best, man

Suds in a glass that Needs to be finished because I can't waste a thing

I sleep therefor I Am a lovely bag of bones Will I expire?

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