The Spaces In Between

Sometimes my exercise for the day is a 30 min run or a 1 hour walk at Munroe Road Savannah. After gulping down an entire bottle of water, I will sit on one of the benches and stare at the grass. There are usually a few birds foraging, together with the sounds of the nocturnal creatures. Sometimes, if I go a little earlier I would get to see the sun set, which is always a treat. The cell phone is always locked away in the car.

This is one of my spaces in between. In between the chores, the to-do lists, and the constant problem solving. As we all go along our busy lives, nature is still there doing it's thing. It has been for 4 billion years. It's truly amazing that we feel such a smug sense of importance when all we are is a temporary happening.

I need my spaces in between to gain perspective, to remember the reality that the Sun rises every morning and sets every evening perfectly. And nature goes on regardless of the psychological drama in my head, regardless of how many problems I am solving, my own or those of others. She keeps on doing her thing.

Sometimes when I am washing down the driveway on mornings, I will look up at the various species of birds on the telephone wires, all of them singing their own song. And as I see past the birds I will notice what types of clouds are in the sky, whether they are cumulonimbus or those high flying cirrus types.

Sometimes I will sit sipping a coffee at Heartland Plaza, watching the trees on the opposite side of highway, and seeing the cars zip by as they are oblivious to them. I mean, really, how does something that large start as a seed. Just add water, sunlight and stir! God made a grave mistake when he created human beings, but damn ... he surely got trees right.

Sometimes I tag along when Thoreau takes a walk through the New England woods so I can see what he sees. The wild berries, the dandelions, the whir-poor-will, the wood-chuck, the squirrels ... described in such detail that you can't help but see it in your minds eye.

Over the years I created another person for the purpose of solving problems and executing to-do lists. But he is not allowed to enter my spaces in between. In those moments, it's just me, the me that I received without effort.