Centralized Servers for FOSS Apps Rock

I love my FOSS apps: they're free, robust, and respect my privacy. Yet I also love the creature comfort of the tech giants' seamless suite of apps.

I like not having to worry about synchronization conflicts. I like being able to log in on any new device and have access to my workflow. I like spending time working instead of configuring my servers.

That's why I like FOSS Apps that offer a centralized server option, paid or not.

While relying on centralized servers makes data more susceptible to malicious third parties, it also drastically reduces the risk of data loss. FOSS developers are less likely to be bad actors than tech giants as well.

So the question shouldn't be “why do some people pay for free software?” We should instead ask, “why don't more people pay a small fee to get the best of both worlds?”