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In the July 2021 installment of media review roundup: My favorite science fiction to date, evil superheroes, a potential Hearthstone killer, space operas, and a post-pandemic survival guide.


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My favorite and most poignant speech about dreams and creativity comes from a harem anime con artist of all things.

Kaiki Deishuu: No matter who I talked to......none of them had any information that you had a hobby of [drawing manga]. That is how you obstinately hid those embarrassing creations out of our knowledge. You didn't tell anyone. In other words, that's because it's what you consider to be your true dream, right? Your real wish isn't something you tell others. Not even to god. You must be happy now that you're a god. You must be having fun. But it's not that you wanted to become a god, right?...... Not like you wanted to become happy. You wanted to become a manga artist, right? Then why don't you become one?


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Video Game: Hades

Hades is here to dethrone Transistor as favorite Supergiants title. It is a top-down action Roguelite where your goal is to escape from Greek hell and reach Olympus. I am trying to beat the second stage's boss, and am having a blast so far.