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I have a problem with Netflix, and it's not just that you need a dozen subscriptions to watch everything these days. Even if Netflix had everything, I can't shake the feeling that it rests on a fundamentally unhealthy business model.

The Problem

Netflix promotes binging, one of its key innovations. I'm sure the savvy business folks at Netflix chose that model for sound reasons. For many end-users, however, binging causes unstructured, unplanned media consumption. It's common to have an entire day pass without realizing it.


I have a bit of a history with existential questions. having long since struggled with the void that one must face once worldly desires are met. I have been fortunate enough to not have to worry about my survival, and, thanks to my education, not worry too much about employment or wages. I have achieved things that my peers strive towards, like a 4.0 GPA and recognition for my craft. I have experienced a relationship and know it's not the fairy tails that adults like to portray it as to young people.


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A necessary counterpart to our modern lives is the reintroduction of the natural world. Few activities brought me more joy than the simple act of observing and photographing wildlife in their natural habitat.