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In the July 2021 installment of media review roundup: My favorite science fiction to date, evil superheroes, a potential Hearthstone killer, space operas, and a post-pandemic survival guide.


In this installment of book reviews: The Witcher's tale, horror stories of Victorian surgeons, mathematical disasters, the art of recording, and life-saving music.


“How to Become a Straight-A Student” by Cal Newport is the best student advice book I've come across, full to the brim with practical strategies that will leave you less stressed, more focused, and academically successful. I reread it many times, and in my most recent read, I condensed my reading notes into a single blog post.



Book: She Has Her Mother's Laugh: Powers, Perversions, and Potential of Heredity

She Has Her Mother's Laugh is probably the most recent and the most comprehensive book about heredity and genetics for the general audience. It is over 500 pages long, yet no words are wasted. This book covers the history of genetics, its many failed hypothesis, up until the most recent and mind-blowing discoveries. If you think heredity is confined to Mendelian genetics, you'd be surprised. As the author Carl Zimmer captivatingly narrates, heredity is not as clear-cut as we once thought it was. It is a messy web of genetic information in between and even within individuals. While the language is descriptive enough for those that do not have much background knowledge to understand, the content is recent enough for even a seasoned science reader to learn something new and interesting. Even those who are already experts in genetics could find the science history section of the book fascinating. There's really not many negatives to say about this book.


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Video Game: Hades

Hades is here to dethrone Transistor as favorite Supergiants title. It is a top-down action Roguelite where your goal is to escape from Greek hell and reach Olympus. I am trying to beat the second stage's boss, and am having a blast so far.