How to Choose a Right Awning for Transforming your Outdoor Space

Adding an awning to your home’s exterior or backyard is a great way to accentuate the area. They enhance the home’s exteriors in such a way that you can enjoy your time outside while relaxing with your friends and family.

With awnings, you can keep your outdoor living space from sun or rain so that you can enjoy your outdoor lunch and dinners with great comfort. They will also protect your windows and outdoor furniture from harsh weather conditions. When it comes to choosing patio covers in Sacramento, there are various types to choose from, according to your preference and unique requirements.

While installing awnings to your home, you have to keep few things in mind to make the right selection.

Let’s look at the tips to choose the right awning for your home:

Material: First and foremost, you need to choose the material you want. Two types of patio covers that are most commonly used are fabric and aluminum, both maintained differently. Aluminum is more durable and sturdy than fabric ones, while fabrics give you an opportunity to choose from a wide range of colors.

Angle: As you install patio covers in granite bay, don’t forget to give your attention to how you are going to place them. The angle at which you would fasten your awning matters a lot. A wrong angle can affect its normal functioning. Therefore, if your window faces east or west, the drop size should be between 65%-75% for its proper operation. Whereas, with a south-facing window, the drop size should be no more than 63% or not less than 45%.

Size: You may want to choose the size of awnings depending on the purpose you have for the awning. Always measure your area so that you choose the size accordingly because you don’t want to get a size that is too large or too small for the area. No matter what size you choose as per your unique requirements, you can get your patio covers custom-built, which means you can design them as per your taste.

Types: There are three types of awnings available for you to take into consideration. Retractable, stationary, and free-standing. Retractable awnings are used for patio and decks because they can be adjusted with remotes or switches. So, if you don’t need them, you can adjust the awning accordingly. Some retractable awnings come with sensors to detect sun, heavy winds, or rain so that you can retract them timely to protect your outdoor furniture or windows. Free-standing awnings are also popular for making the most of the outdoor area, turning your tea time and dinner time pleasant and enjoyable while you are out. They are used for patios, roofs, and decks to make the area more comfortable and cool to sit in the summers.

Key takeaway: Installing awnings and patio covers in Lincoln take many more different considerations. However, the above-mentioned tips will make sure you end up getting the one which fits the basic requirement rightly and leaving no room for any error.