#1 Comic Art: Rooftop Rampage

Hey there!

Welcome back to another blog entry of my artwork. This time I will tell you about the artwork I did for the bold project of the infamous @NickelnDime.

You will get a brief introduction of what this project was about. After that I am going to guide you through the pictures of the article. You might find out about some details you didn't pay attention reading! That is all going to be in video number 1. In video number 2 I will show you my digital painting process of two pieces I did for this project.

This piece is just one step on my way of mastering art. I often change the media and I want to be able to create different styles of art pieces. Follow me on my journey here on Coil, Cinnamon and on Twitter: https://twitter.com/KassjanS.

Enjoy watching them and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions! And don't forget to follow @RooftopRampage here on Coil!

Here is video#1!


And here is video #2!