A character out of the video game “Destiny” made by the developers of Bungie. “He” is a tragic figure with a weird sense of humour which sometimes makes him seem not suited for battle. But the moment he gets into a tough situation he becomes that battle-tested warrior he is supposed to be. The number 6 implies that there have already been 5 other versions before him. That is possible due to the fact that he is a humanoid machine.

This explains, why he has this metal face. Since he is wearing a neckerchief – an accessory robots actually don't need – he must still have a sense for aesthetics or was just programmed in this way to look more human.

The whole drawing took 20 hours. Here it is in fast forward.

This time no audio in the background.

For the ideal experience and to set the right mood open this first in a second window and watch my video with the original soundtrack:

And here is how I did the drawing:

I am not a professional artist. I it is my hobby. For those who want to take part in my work feel free to follow me.

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I will comment my videos and provide lists of the used materials.

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