Combining watercolor with colored pencils

When I first started out with colored pencils I really enjoyed how detailed you can work with them. You still have to pay attention on your technique since only a specific amount of layers can be added. This amount of layers is also related to the amount of pressure you apply. The color of the pencils sticks because of the roughness of the used paper. When you press it flat – it won‘t take any more layers.

But when you apply only a low amount of pressure it takes a lot of time to create so many layers so the paper underneath can't be seen anymore.

So I got this idea and validated it on the internet: You actually can combine watercolor and colored pencils. So it was a new technique I wanted to try.

If you remember my car picture of the AUDI TT I wanted to use tombow brushpens as ground color and combine it with colored pencils. But the brushpens didn‘t give me that smooth ground color I wanted to have. So I tried to rescue the picture with water colors. The result were so many layers which made it hard to apply the pencils.

So this time I immediately started out with water color. To make it a little harder I chose a picture where a person‘s or creature‘s flesh was glowing from within. What a challenge! So, here is my version of Lilith, daughter of hatred, creator of sanctuary. 😈

Cinnamon Video


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