Digital Art #3: Legs

Welcome back to another anatomy video on this channel. In this blog post you will be able to watch me drawing legs from different perspectives. You will see the improvements with every single drawing. One important lesson for example was to apply different line thicknesses for specific lines (thick lines for outlines, rapid plane changes).

I will provide you with a real time session of three leg drawings and a second video where things are sped up and you can hear me commenting on how I approach leg drawings.

This piece is just one step on my way of mastering art. I change the media and I want to be able to create different styles of art pieces. Follow me on my journey here on Coil, Cinnamon and on Twitter:

Enjoy watching them and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions!

So let's start with the live session.

After this we are collecting some thought about the basics on drawing legs.

In the subscription only content you will find more drawings I did on legs. Feel free to copy them to understand the general way of constructing legs in a drawing.

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