Digital Art #4 – Part 1: Fishermen Sketches

Hello there!

I recently got a commissioned work to do and I really like the topic of the project! I am supposed to create a logo for a personal home gym. The desired theme here is “Fisherman's Strength”. As you've already seen in the title this commisssioned work will consist of several parts. I will guide you through the process of first understanding what the customer wants. Bring that to paper and to touch base again with the client to find out if it is going into the right direction. Once the right sketch is found it goes digital – this will be shown in the second part which will soon come! The third video is about me getting a little sidetracked, since I really also liked another sketch. That is why I made a digital painting out of that, too.

This piece is just one step on my way of mastering art. I often change the media and I want to be able to create different styles of art pieces. Follow me on my journey here on Coil, Cinnamon and on Twitter:

Enough said! Let's jump into the video! Or should I rather say videos? You heard right. This article has three videos because it took me three sketches to hit the nail on the head. Never give up and lend these videos your ear.

First sketch:

Second Sketch:

*Third Sketch:*

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