another rainy day. its cold. so today i drop off my taxes and hope i get something back. i will need the money for 1st and last months rent now. still have not found anything around here i want to live in. i kind of know what i am taking, but it will be determined how how big the apt is. the idea of moving never leaves my mind now. i am terrified to live alone. no one will worry about me if i fall, or need help. i dont know if i should just wonder off into the wild and be done with it.

i have projects i must finish and pass on. i also would like to pass on my various needlework books onto someone who will enjoy them as much as i did. i know you can find alot of the information online but i still feel books are important in ones life and learning.

all this worry about selling the house and finding a place expends so much energy. i am tired. so very tired of being afraid and of the thought of dying alone.