day is finally over. its after 9 and i need to be in bed soon. i start back to work for 7am. i am not happy about it but nothing i can do right now. i made it through day 1.

i started a new card today and finished another and i have to do a special order as well. so will start on that tomorrow afternoon. i am on split shift tomorrow so i need to keep busy so i dont fall asleep. getting requests for cards is pretty flattering. makes this day not a total loss. will need to get some stamps this week too. i send mostly to the USA. i get alot of amazing cards in return.

well i started this post last night and got distracted and closed my laptop and went to bed with out finishing this. i was tired.

so up this morning at 430 and getting ready for a split shift. its going to be a long and busy day.

later....finished my morning . now home and its time for food and rest.

i did some chores and rested. i started the requested cards too. got my uniform ready for work tomorrow. brent ordered pizza for dinner. first time since last year. was not fond of the pizza but i didnt have to cook it so i ate it anyway.

back from work and time for tea and snack and meds. then bed and back to work tomorrow. see you all tomorrow....