day off today. tomorrow starts another 6 day run. so will try and get some small jobs done as well as some yard work.

i have to change the bed and do laundry. i am still working on the sunroom and moved the ironing board out there this morning. its a work station now so i can go out there and do ironing of blocks and fabric. i ordered some fabric online last night. being as the fabric stores are not going to open anytime soon. see how this goes. i ordered 200 blocks of 5 in precut fabric. save me time on that , and it will be cheaper too in the long run i think.

i am thinking the moving of things around is a good thing for now. its helping me move forward. i cant leave things as they are as a shrine to brents memory. i would never be able to get out of bed. speaking of bed i want to move that but its and all day job as its a water bed. so i dont think i will be doing that alone. wish my sons would offer to help me. maybe 2 days a month to help with odd jobs would be great.

its getting a bit easier to write. my mind is slowly coming to order. every day i am finding things a bit easier to cope with. i still have to remember if i want it done i have to do it.

i have noticed lately that my printing has become terrible. i can knit and sew but i cant seem to print worth a darn. my hands shake alot too not sure if that has alot to with it. i am glad bought the typewriter. i would like to try and use it today. will see how much energy i have later.

i have not lost any weight this week...but at least i have not gained any either. i am eating but not the best i could be. just dont want to cook for one. i have to eat to take my meds. its seems a waste for me to cook, i may not finish it. so its a waste of time and food and i hate waste.