i am finding the more i write the more i can write. some days it flows out like water out of a tap. and other days i struggle to turn the tap on. lately i have been able to get some memories written down. i do this mostly for my kids. so maybe they will get to know me through my blog. i never thought i was a hard person to get to know. that explains why i have so many friends ....not. i dont have any close friends. no one i would invite over for coffee. no one who would invite me over.

the heat is very oppressive. i find it hard to keep going and stay awake when its like this. i get sleepy and fall asleep when i dont want to. i guess this is one time when i might consider air conditioning. i have things i need to get done and sleeping the afternoon away is not one of them. the heat is also affecting how the fibro pain is in my body. its worse. i take extra asprin when i need to but i still feel like i have hit the wall. my whole body is swollen . fingers are swollen, rings are very tight now.

brent has gone fishing this morning. he does not start work until 11. so i guess he has time. i on the other hand am waiting for my pain meds to kick in so i can start chores. i am not sure about going grocery shopping as i am not the best right now and i will need a shower before i go out.

i need to try and finish the last few bookshelves this week. only 3 more to dust and set up the display. it just takes so much energy right now just to do anything with this heat and pain. as for cooking i dont want to turn anything on to heat up the house. no sure if i can get away with not cooking all week. probably not.

sometimes i miss living alone because if i didnt want to eat i didnt have to feel like i needed to cook for someone else. i didnt eat much when i lived alone. mostly very small meals and tea. i never had potatoes in the house. i was canning though. mostly jam as i really like toast and jam. i am doing this intermintant fasting. i dont eat for 16 hours and then i can eat for 6 to 8 hours. its helping. so because of that my window is now 11am to 7 pm. i have oatmeal at around 11 and then nothing usually till dinner. sometimes i have an apple around 2 but i would rather have a meal around 3 or 4 and thats it for the day. but with brent working till 6 we eat later. which reminds me what to make for dinner today in this heat.....