i am up early on a saturday. i made coffee and my tea. my pain level is high and i feel sick this morning and now i know why as i hear the thunder booming outside my windows. so a take it easy day and do what i can. i am guessing i dont need to water right now. tomorrow is supposed to be sunny so will do laundry and try and remember to wash the front window then.

every day when i start doing chores i wonder how i will be able to go back to work too. a bonus day is when i dont feel sick. a bonus day is when my pain meds work enough i can do something like go grocery shopping or make a decent dinner. some days just the thought of food makes me feel sick. some foods i just cant eat anymore, like long spaghetti noodles. i cant chew them right anymore. i tend to gravitate towards softer foods now.

we went out today for about an hour. mostly i think to get out. being as brent works from home now i think he is getting cabin fever. i dropped off more donation and didnt bring anything new home. which i thought was a good thing. i will fill up another bag and drop it off on monday when i go out and pay bills.

it has been raining off and on all day. cloudy and then sunny and very humid again. i got one page in my art book done. doing the collage everyday is teaching me alot and to work more outside the box.

weekends are hard as i used to see the grandkids on the weekends. but now i dont i miss them so much. i have not seen them in so long . i am not allowed to talk to them either. so i have no idea if they even remember much of me. i have no family left now...sigh......