i thought i wrote here sooner....memory is bad sometimes. anyhow i made it through covid, with just a bad cough. its mostly gone now. i am back to work and still have my student. she is doing well and says she really likes the job. i can only hope i am teaching her what she needs to know to do her job. its not easy to learn on your own the way i did.

most of the snow is gone now, yehhhhh. but its snowing today, yuck. i remembered to get the garbage out last night and recycle. i forgot last week. how i have no idea.

i have been working on the things for the crafters market to sell. the display is put together so now i am getting ready to paint it. bright red. i also need to have a sign made for the very top of it. i really like how it turned out. i have old and new stuff ready to sell. i am using up what i have as well as buying some new. this is the first thing i have been excited about since brent died.

he has been gone a year now and it still feels like yesterday. i can still see and feel him laying in his hospital bed. i often wonder if he knew i was there. i miss him everyday. i am still grateful i was able to be there for him. the cancer took him so fast that even now i still think of questions i should have asked him. too late now, but i am preparing my son for when i die. i have told him he will get the house , and he can do with it what he wants.

i had joined a dating site about a year ago. so far scammers and controlling men, and then there is the ones who only want sex. none of which i want. so i remain alone. its ok. maybe there is no one for me here. maybe it was just luck i met brent. who knows. even if i dont meet anyone i will always have the memory of someone who loved me very much.

i think the rabbit knows its spring. he is doing zoomies all over the house. like the cats he follows me everywhere too...i think its to beg for a raisin....lol

i am making some progress with the painting in the kitchen. the pantry door is almost done. it needed 3 coats of paint to cover the darker wood. the door is the same colour as the walls and the trim is blue. next comes the basement door.

i am on day 2 of 6 day stretch...so will try and get some things done this afternoon....