it is supposed to be cool and rainy all day. so maybe jeans and not a skirt. last night i got up at around 2 to go to the bathroom and the wind was blowing so hard straight into our window. the wind was cool and felt so good . i pulled up the blanket and was soon back to sleep.

so today i go to the eye dr to get measured for my cataract surgery. i hope i am not going to be waiting forever to get in. it is what it is. lots of things have changed since the lock down. i dont imagine life will ever be the same again. i have been looking for a source for masks that are reasonably priced and are in stock. still hard to find right now. its also a shopping day , grocery. i am going to be so tired at the end of this. i want to get letters mailed and some photocopying done. if i remember to bring a bag of donation with me to drop off. then i have to think about what to make for dinner....sigh

the vision in my right eye is ok. it gets blurry when i am tired or stressed. my eye can blur out when i am driving too. that is what scares me the most. i think i will need a new lens in my glasses after i get my left eye done. my left eye ball does not eve face forward anymore. looks weird. i find it odd to look at myself in the mirror.

i have been up since 5 when i fell out of bed trying to get up. how i have no idea. but decided i was better off in my chair then bed right now. will make coffee and tea shortly. brent says he wants to go fishing. i am going to be so tired later because of being up early and doing all the errands.

so back now. 12 stops later and 6 hours...i am so tired. i got my surgery books for july 23. stopped in at work to let them know. not sure if they were happy or not. but my eye has to be done weather they like it or not. got most of the errands done except 2 i think so not bad for being out alone again.

i spent a bit of time yesterday updating my vision board. as life changes so must our vision of our lives. found a few pictures to add for interest. i believe that vision boards work just need to be patient for the universe to help you achieve what you desire.....