It's sat morning and I feel like crap. Pain level is high and I have lots to do. I worked last night and could hardly keep my eyes open when I got home. One of the things I wanted to do today was bring my laptop in to see what's wrong with it. Typing on this tablet is still annoying.

Work was very long last night. I was falling asleep at 6 reading my book. I went to bed almost as soon as I got home. I slept like rock. I didn't wake up until this morning. I weighed myself this morning , down another 5 lbs.

I am giving away my spinning wheel . I always wanted to learn how to use it but with my health issues its not going to happen. It's ok I am ok with giving it away. It's going to someone who will actually use it. Maybe she will share Abit of her yarn?

Iam still not knitting. Don't have my mojo back yet. I guess I don't miss it enough. I don't know. It's the time of year when I should be knitting. I should be knitting for the grandkids. Making them something special for birthdays or Christmas. I feel so alone. I know nothing about them now. Been so long since I talked to them.

I don't like this time of year anymore. I have no family. Just as well I will be working Xmas. No reason not too anymore. Will get extra pay for it too.

I traded a card today too. I have to remake it as I was not entirely sure of what I was posting. Oh well.

Brent brought my laptop in to see if there is anything that can be done to fix it. Hope it won't take too long.

It's getting late and I am tired. See you all tomorrow.