its sunday and its hot. so far i have done dishes and laundry and fed the birds. i am now ready for a nap. i think its the heat.

brent said he was going to go fishing but changed his mind as he suspects there will be lots of people out today to scare the fish away. he also loved his cake. i made a chocolate cake with christmas jam in the middle.

we went out for dinner last night so its left overs for dinner . i can live with that. i dont even want to go do shopping today. maybe i go tomorrow. i can shop at a slower pace and not feel so rushed. see how i feel after changing the aviary. that always takes alot out of me.

yesterday i felt terrible all day. like i hit a brick wall and could not recover. i was tired and sore and felt sick all at the same time. i could barely move without feeling dizzy. i am doing ok today , but day is not over yet.

i managed to get some art time in. which is nice. time is limited in the sun room as it will get really warm in there today. so i have to make time before noon.

today is also fathers day. my father died when i was 30 . half my life ago. i think of him now and then. we were never close so dont miss him in my life. we were never a close family , i guess thats why i dont miss my siblings or their kids. my youngest son drove 6 hours to visit his grandparents on my ex's side and my aunt(my mothers sister) could not spare and hour to visit with him and his daughters. i was so sad for him. that was the last straw for me. how can you not drop everything and visit family even for an hour. so now there is no reason for me to go back to my home town.....