monday monday....beginning of another busy week. today i do banking and some grocery shopping. i have ribs on the stove right now. i found those while looking for something else in the freezer. i have to keep telling brent. we are not buying any meat. we have enough. hence finding the ribs. so ribs and somthing for dinner.

hips are really sore from the walk yesterday. i knew that they would be sore today but went anyways just to get out. will do some walking today but will be careful moving as i dont want to trip or fall. i used a walking stick while out on the trail yesterday. it really helped. something like that really does make one feel older and less able in life.

back now , banking done and some shopping. i did only 3 stops. all i could deal with today. maybe i go out again on thursday. see how i feel. it is my birthday soon. i am not sure i want a cake and all that. if i do i can make one. if not i wont. like i need cake....not. i am not even in the mood to make dinner now....its going to be so hot later too. with it not raining i have to water today. will be doing that later this evening when it might be a little cooler. i hope.

will clean the aviary tomorrow as wont be going out. its getting too hot now to even think about it. i am sure the birds will be ok till tomorrow.

i can still see my kids when they are online on facebook. i sent them a message on fathers day but got no answer. maybe some day that will change. i am sad as my grand daughters birthday is coming up soon too and i wont be able to wish her a happy birthday. i wish i let them know i didnt do this . i love them and want to see them so much.....