saturday and shopping is done. one of the thrift shops is now open and we stopped in to take a quick look. we had a 20 min time limit and only 10 people in the store at a time. i thought it sounded fair. i got a couple big vases for the bird feeder/bird bath. i glue them together and make a sculpture for the garden. they look neat in the sun. we got groceries , i didnt think i bought alot but it still got to 70.00. then it was to walmart. only so many allowed in the store there too. i had to pick up meds i asked if they had any masks. they had none. so i have to wait until such time as they may have some.

todays entry may be short as brent is trying to get the internet faster for work. and on top of that he dropped his phone and needed it to get the access codes for work. we have a small tablet so he downloaded the app onto that so he should be ok for now. he said he needs a cell phone for work. and i am thinking why cant the codes be emailed. i says if you are required to have a phone then work should pay for it. i certainly would not get a cell phone just to get a code.

i have not been able to do any art today as brent has been in and out of my office. so i did some dishes put the groceries away and checked facebook. i have been working on the same sock all week. between feeling sick and very tired ...just no energy to do the knitting. the only thing i want to do right now is go sit in the park and have a picnic.