the decluttering has begun. so far its about 80% of my cookbooks. ones i have picked up over the last 30 yrs or so. mostly the unusual ones. but i guess its time to pass them on. so they will get donated. some things will be put online and sold such as furniture.

this is still so overwhelming for me.. i feel like i am spinning my wheels. oh and the one apt i did feel inclined to see...already rented. it will take some time to clean out the house and find an apt. not going to happen over night but will have to take this one shelf at a time.

i had no plans or desire to ever move again. i moved too much and too often when i was with my ex. i hate it. but no choice now. being forced to live someplace rather than being able to choose where you want to live is hard.

i never thought i would be living alone again. and now with fibro is going to be even harder. i had some help with brent. and he was great when we had to go out of town for my eye. but what do i do if something else happens. i have no one i can call. i thought i had a few friends but they have drifted away. i cant depend on if my kids will help . so i have no idea how i will make it ....