there is something about a house that is dark and empty at night. it looks so sad. i dont like coming home to no one there but the cats. brent was always so exicited when i came home from work. i sure miss that.

i have lost my mojo for creating anything. i just feel so blah. i just feel empty like i have nothing more to give.

all i do is go to work and then work at home. i feel like that is all that is ahead of me. just work. i miss the help. i miss the company. his chair sits empty and here i sit with the cats on me.

the winds have been really bad the last few days. so now alot of the trees are bare. the smell of the fallen leaves and the cold is in the air ,reminds me that winter is just around the corner.

i put bells on my shoes to make sure people hear me in the hallways and i am not scaring anyone walking around. seems i am too quiet when moving around the building and startle the residents because the dont hear me moving around.