well i knew i would be paying for my fall out of bed yesterday morning. i feel like crap. pain everywhere and i am coughing a lot this morning. so i guess its time for some pineapple juice. it helps with my coughing.i think i found the idea online someplace. it does help with in about an hour. the coughing started about 4 years ago. took 2 years to figure out its from acid reflux...part of having fibro. so i take meds for it every day. its just some days are worse then others. my digestion is now very very slow which is how i can go so long without eating . anyhow the pain is bad today , from falling out of bed and all the running around i did .

i found a book on verbal abuse yesterday when i was at the thrift shop. looks like it was never read. it was recommended to me last fall and i found the book title in my wallet when i was looking for something else, so i guess i was ment to find the book yesterday.

there was no time for art yesterday,so maybe today. it was raining and cold and very windy yesterday. good day for errands. the traffic was not bad but waiting in lines everywhere is what took a lot of the time. i found some art supplies for 50% off at micheals. there was no sock yarn to be had there . which really surprised me as there is always sock yarn. i guess with the lock down people have time to knit and craft. there was a lot of empty shelves there like the grocery store.

i am not sure i like going out by myself right now. it was very stressful driving all day and i kept thinking if i have a melt down i dont have a phone to call anyone and kept wondering were do i go what do i do then.

i suffer from bad depression now. worse since the acute development of severe signs of fibro. i think i have had the depression since grade school when i was bullied so bad. over time is had gotten worse and worse. the verbal abuse i suffered from my ex certainly has not helped my mental health at all. i am on meds for it but wonder some days if they really help. i never skip them though.

floor is washed now and i have a bit of time to write while i wait for it to dry and try and think of something for dinner. maybe i just take something out for brent and leave it at that. i am not wanting to spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen today. i did however buy the things needed to make the fruit cake again.

with it being much cooler today i will do some work on the bookselves and add more things to the donate box.....