well this day has just flown by. its already dinner time. i started canning again this morning and got alot done. i need more small jars. i went to walmart to get my meds and thought i would look for jars when i was there. got my meds. forgot to look for jars....sigh. i guess i will have to make due with what i have.

i am now out of pain meds and no one will be in the drs office till tues. i have no idea what i am going to do. i depend on the meds so i can work and i know the office wont be happy if i call in and say i cant work because i have no pain meds. i didnt even know the drs office was open again. i wished they had called me to let me know they wont be renewing it by fax. least then i could have made an appt. so now what? how can i work and deal with pain and pretend i am ok? i hate my life.

i better go and feed the birds and clean the cat box and of course there is always dishes. then i can relax and have a tea and do some art. i dug out some more card patterns and will try and photocopy them on the weekend. the ones i have picked out will be ones i have painted so i may have to use coloured pencils for it as painting small areas may not be possible for me. my tremors have gotten worse over the last yr or so. so pencils might be a better option now.

later....its time for a shower and get things ready for work tomorrow. days off go by so fast i hardly have time to breathe before its over. sigh. all i want is to win a butt load of money so i can pursue my art and not waste the last good bit of my life working so dam hard ..

see you all tomorrow