what i suspected yesterday was right. with so many being online at the same time there is huge lag which is why brent was having problems. he called the internet company to see what they could do. well not much but offer 5.00 off. i think his work should be paying toward our internet. maybe we can claim it on income tax next year. brent is working upstairs today. so it will be a little separation for us.

i got some repotting done yesterday. have lots more to do but need another bag of dirt. i think i have enough pots.

i think of my grandkids every day and wonder when i will see them again. i have nieces and nephews but have not seen them in over 10 yrs. since the funeral of my grandmother. after the funeral my sister comes over to say oh i had another kid...i said gee thanks for letting me know. grandma already told me, and she was upset she did because you told her not to. i said i dont really care. you cant take the time for me i dont have time for you. so who knows how many more kids there are now. my son went down to see his grandparents last summer and phoned my aunt to make arrangements for a visit. all she could say was she was too busy. its like are you kidding me . your grandnephew makes the 8 hour trip south and you dont have time. i would drop everything. so i dont have time for my aunt either. my mothers sister. so i have no reason to go home anymore. i wont go home for anymore funerals. my siblings have my email but no one bothers to say hi. i know i know lines go both ways. i spent years going home to see them spent holidays at home when we could have gone some place else. most of the time when we went home they where always too busy to see us. so i gave up.

quiet day and brent has gone to get dinner. chicken. i am not sure what will happen now to me as my unemployment for sick leave is done. i have a feeling i will have to go back to work before i get a drs note.