wow . its the last day of june. i cant believe it. when i look back on the last 6 months i dont see much so to speak. i have been on med leave since dec. with visions issues and the stress of that my fibro flared up and then it was can i walk issues. i feel like i have not made any progress on anything. though i have been getting rid of things ,it still does not seem like much to me.

the fibro has calmed somewhat. i still have walking issues but at least i dont need my stick inside the house. my arm is feeling better. i bruised it pretty bad when i fell out of bed.

i got some chores done , aviary, and finished the fruit cake loaf. had an involluntary nap. i was typing an fell asleep. one reason i am afraid of driving now. what if all of a sudden i am so tired i just fall asleep at the wheel.

i did a collage page today. it will be too hot later to be in the sunroom. the humidex will be 34c today. it is supposed to be hot like this all week. tomorrow is a holiday and brent wants to go for a picnic, but didnt say what he wants to take for a picnic. what he forgets is i am the one doing all the work to get all this ready. then i am too tired to enjoy it.

seems after a discussion there will be no picnic. my reasoning is not enough time to prepare. so we stay home. i need to get somethings done anyhow, chores mostly . its been so hot now i dont have much energy to do anything. between the heat and the fibro fatigue i am so tired and drained all the time.....