yesterday was recovery day. i rested and did what i could with out hurting myself. there is a huge bruise on my arm , from when i fell. i did relax and do a bit of art. i worked on 2 of the shelves and got alot of it sorted.

my cough is better today too. i have to go out . i had not planned on it but have to renew my health card. i hate dealing with anything government. i guess that comes from dealing with the military. anyhow i have to get this done so my eye surgery will be covered. this renewal of my health card involves picture taking like the DMV . i dont like having my picture taken at any time. but in this i dont have a choice.

when i was at the thrift shop on wed i found a gallon container. i am going to buy some goats milk and try and make some cheese. i have all the ingredients in the house anyhow except the milk. so why not try it.

meds taken and breakfast easten time to head out.

well that was not fun. i dont like anything to do with the government. they are always into your back pocket for something. but at least the card is changed over now and no one can yell at me .

time for tea and snack and figure out something for dinner.

i messaged my son as i have been getting some of his mail. i asked what do you want me to do with it. i got no answer. guess i will just toss it in a box. maybe some day i might get an answer. i miss my kids and grandkids so much. i dont know what i did to make them hate me so much.....