Of all the guys I liked in my lifetime, yours was beleaguering yet adventurous, confusing yet reassuring, novel yet not uncommon; it felt so wrong yet so right at the same time.

I can't exactly recall when it all started. All I knew is that I started enjoying your company. I liked how you made me feel validated when no one else, even myself, would believe in me. I liked how you can read me — you somehow seem to know what's running in my mind and how I would usually respond to certain situations. I liked how sometimes you tend to be unintentionally funny. With you, everything feels light. Your breeze of optimism and upbeat cheerfulness recharges my drained cynical self. In short, you uplift me.

I liked that whenever we would dine out, you'd treat me like a gentleman. I liked how you're not so full of yourself — you really bring the conversation to knowing me, and somehow make me reflect on my thoughts and on the things that I want. It's a joy having a conversation with you. In this ever-crowded busy indifferent world, you take the time to listen.

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In a world full of choices, I choose me.


That Tuesday night before the first month of the year ends, blasts a birthday party that did not prepare me for what I was about to see — a smart-looking guy in his blue long sleeves, whose transparent glasses awes a sharp look, and deep shaped eyes that scream mystery. I totally forgot the subject of the night, the star of that day — the celebrant, who already lives at the back of my mind as I was distracted by an unfamiliar picturesque view.

As I marched towards the table, my eyes gazed at a lad who was confidently sitting at the corner. In my mind, singing Taylor Swift's Blank Space track, “saw you there and I thought, oh my God, look at that face! You look like, my next mistake..”

Was my next mistake indeed.

#fromthevault #2021narratives

A seemingly never-ending loop into a sporadic paroxysm of unexplained distress — welcome to the modern twenty-first century.

In these uncertain times, you need someone to be certain of you.

Blank melancholic stare at oddly shaped greenery As I look into the purview of my naivety Gushed by the submission of a careless act at dawn When will this feeling ever move on?

The sun has shown its rays but no chime was heard I wallowed in the loop of good times I so longingly yearned Did I finally awaken from the reality of your absence? As you left me in monotoned fragments with your silence

Like parallel lines, knowingly we will never meet A favourite unfinished chapter I would always want to keep But it's time to let go of yesterday, take a leap Conclude this feat, accept the story that will never complete

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